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Eco Friendly Lawn at the Office

January 13, 2015 • Josephine

The Cooltown Beta office is always undergoing some kind of work, it’s an ongoing joke around these parts.

Recently we had a little courtyard makeover, when we were designing the space, we knew we wanted some green up there amongst the pavers and benches, but we weren’t sure we wanted a living breathing lawn, it wouldn’t really be practical, especially having to mow it in summer.

So we opted for some very real looking Matte synthetic grass. I say matte, because it is the shine on normal synthetic grass that gives it that real plastic-fake look.

Here’s a picture of the finished product – installed by Ez Synthetic Turf in Perth and supplied the fellows at Grassman, a leading fake lawn manufacturer.


The reaction to the new courtyard has been awesome and in particular the ever-green lawn, that doesn’t require mowing, weeding or watering.

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