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Here in Sydney, any house that was built before 1985 has a pretty good chance of containing asbestos. (However, this date may vary in some places.) This is why it’s important for anyone who is renovating or repairing an older home to realize what risks may be involved. Know what materials were used before you start tearing anything down.

The Health Risks Of Asbestos Exposure

The people who are most in danger of being exposed to asbestos are carpenters and tradespeople. This is because such people are more likely to do the repairs necessary to homes and other buildings that contain this dangerous material. When the fibres are released into the air, danger is imminent. However, this is only when the asbestos is inhaled, ingested, or otherwise gaining entrance into the body.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to make minor adjustments to the bathroom or adding a whole new room to the house. You need to know the facts of what is in your walls and what they might do to your health. This includes not only your health but the people working on the project and even those who live there.